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Native Lens


Student filmmaker Joe Kinneen produced this story about Fort Lewis College cross country runner Angel Curley. Curley talks about her family heritage, how she got involved in running, and how she’s been impacted by Covid-19. Kinneen is an Alaskan Native and Curley hails from the Navajo Nation in Arizona.

Angel is one of the strongest people I know. From the moment I met her, I knew she didn’t take any flak from anyone. Ever since I started dating her, I have seen that in her more and more. Yet while she is so stoic and tough, I have also seen how deeply she cares for her family and her culture. Being Navajo, she has always listened to her Grandmas’ and Mother’s teachings about their traditions and learned much from them. 

Angel is a special person to me, so I knew she could be special to others who would see this piece. But I had no idea that she would have so much thought behind her answers for each question I asked her. She continues to surprise me every day.

Angel is deeply passionate about running. Hearing about how her grandparents would run before her has shown how transcendent running can be. While she does run for Fort Lewis College, she also runs for herself. It’s been inspiring to me to see her commitment to the sport not only for her team and the school, but also for herself. She is strong to be running, but it is also running that keeps her strong. It’s beautiful to see. COVID-19 has been a huge weight on her, but I know that running has made it just a bit easier on her.

Angel’s tenacious nature is something I look up to every day. I am sure you will be able to see that same fire in this piece, and that it may inspire you to be a little more like Angel as she has inspired me.


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