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A Community for Supporting Indigenous Storytelling

Native Lens is a community that supports and fosters Indigenous storytelling, creating captivating Indigenous documentaries, experimental and narrative films that tell the stories of Indigenous peoples across North America. By showcasing and amplifying these stories, we hope to bring awareness to the diversity and rich heritage of  Indigenous cultures, languages and histories.

Who We are

From the Southern Ute Reservation, to the World

Native Lens is proud to collaborate with and showcase the work of Ute storytellers and community members. The following Native Lens films feature Ute filmmakers or participants:

Culture Within the Ice

Poetic Sovereignty

Setting the Table

A Vibrant Community for Indigenous Film

Via our film and training initiatives, Native Lens invites Indigenous, First Nations, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian peoples to submit films and stories to contribute to our vibrant community. By uniting and raising up all Indigenous voices, we bring visibility to Indigenous-led storytelling and documentary filmmaking.

Since our founding in 2020 we have worked with countless Indigenous documentary filmmakers–from teenagers to elders, hailing from reservations around the southwest, to Hawaii and the Canadian west coast, up to the northern reaches of arctic Canada, to the eastern Indigenous tribes and Gulf of Mexico and everywhere in between. While Native Lens holds non-fiction storytelling as our core, we also encourage and welcome film and video art of all genres.

By showcasing our disparate yet interrelated stories, we can help to share knowledge and resources for a more vibrant future – one in which Indigenous languages, cultures and histories are celebrated and protected.