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A Journey through the perspective of ‘LEGENDS’


Native Lens


In the vibrant tapestry of storytelling, the collaboration between writer Jack Belhumeur and animator Gabriel Lazarick, both residing in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, unfolds a captivating narrative in their short film “LEGENDS.”

As proud contributors to the Native Lens platform from Rocky Mountain PBS, their work brings forth an artistic expression that not only bridges their shared passion for art but also delves into the rich cultural heritage of indigenous peoples.

The Genesis of ‘LEGENDS’

Rooted in the unique backdrop of Edmonton, the duo’s partnership began in the transportation industry, transcending beyond the mundane to a shared fascination with legendary creatures and cryptids. Their collaboration on “LEGENDS” serves as a testament to their profound connection and shared experiences of mysterious sightings, adding a personal touch to the animated world they bring to life.

“LEGENDS” intricately weaves a tale of legendary creatures navigating an unnatural world marred by smog, concrete, and sewage. The narrative unfolds with the legendary Bigfoot observing an industrial project, a poignant commentary on the encroachment of modern development into natural habitats. The Thunderbird soars above a cityscape, its wings navigating through smog and pollution, a symbolic representation of the impact of urbanization on the environment. Lastly, the OGO POGO, akin to a Loch Ness monster, escapes from harm as it swims away from pipes dumping toxic waste into the water.

At the heart of “LEGENDS” lies a deep respect for indigenous narratives. Jack Belhumeur, a Métis from the Métis Nation of Alberta, brings forth his cultural roots, intertwining them with universal themes of environmental conservation and the consequences of unchecked industrialization. The animated short serves as a powerful vehicle for cultural preservation, inviting viewers to reflect on the intricate relationship between nature and mythology.

Native Lens: A catalyst for Indigenous Voices

The decision to showcase “LEGENDS” on the Native Lens platform by Rocky Mountain PBS elevates the film beyond mere entertainment. This platform provides a vital space for indigenous creators to share their stories, fostering a sense of community and amplifying voices that are often marginalized. The collaboration between Belhumeur and Lazarick becomes a vital contribution to the ongoing dialogue about representation and recognition of indigenous perspectives in the creative sphere.

“LEGENDS” is not just an animated short; it is a testament to the power of collaboration, shared passion, and the importance of preserving indigenous narratives. Through the Native Lens platform, this work gains visibility, inviting audiences to appreciate the intersection of art, culture, and environmental consciousness. Belhumeur and Lazarick’s journey, rooted in friendship and fueled by a shared love for storytelling, is a beacon illuminating the significance of indigenous voices in shaping the narrative landscape of our diverse world.

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